How to Delete My AI On Snapchat Without Snapchat Plus?

Are you tired of AI generated filters and effects taking over your Snapchat photos and videos? Many Snapchat users find themselves longing for a way to remove these intrusive features that sometimes alter their images in unwanted ways. If you’re wondering how to delete AI on Snapchat without the use of Snapchat Plus, you’ve come to the right place.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of regaining control of your Snapchat content and help you reclaim your original photos and videos. We’ll explore the methods to remove AI enhancements, from facial recognition to augmented reality filters, without resorting to third party apps. 

What is Snapchat Plus, and Why Avoid It?

Before we discuss how to delete AI on Snapchat without Snapchat Plus, it’s crucial to understand the risks associated with using Snapchat Plus and similar third party applications. Snapchat Plus is not an official Snapchat product, and using it may result in:

Account suspension or banning: Snapchat’s terms of service prohibit the use of third party apps like Snapchat Plus, and they may suspend or ban your account for violating these terms.

Privacy concerns: Third party apps often require you to log in with your Snapchat credentials, risking the exposure of your private information.

Security risks: These apps may access your data, compromising your privacy and potentially leading to security breaches.

Given these risks, it’s advisable to steer clear of third party apps like Snapchat Plus and explore alternative methods to remove AI from your Snapchat content.

Identifying AI on Snapchat

Identifying AI on Snapchat

Identifying AI on Snapchat can be a bit tricky, but there are a few telltale signs to look out for. When you interact with a user on the platform and receive responses that are consistently quick, coherent and devoid of typos or grammatical errors, there’s a good chance you’re chatting with an AI. Snapchat, like many other social media platforms, uses AI for various purposes, including suggesting NSFW filters and stickers. Snapchat’s AI features can manifest in various forms, including:

Facial Filters

Snapchat’s facial recognition technology automatically applies filters to your face. These filters can change your appearance, add makeup, or modify your expressions. If you want to maintain a natural look, you’ll need to disable this feature.

Augmented Reality (AR) Filters

AR filters are a fun way to spice up your snaps, but they can sometimes be overwhelming. These filters can add animated elements to your photos and videos, often based on AI algorithms. You might want to remove them for a more authentic look.

Background Effects

Snapchat’s AI can also modify your background, adding special effects or changing your surroundings. If you prefer a plain or unaltered background, you’ll need to remove these effects. Now that we’ve identified the AI elements in Snapchat, let’s discuss how to delete them without Snapchat Plus.

How to Delete AI on Snapchat Without Snapchat Plus?

Here are several methods to help you regain control over your Snapchat content without relying on third party applications.

Turn Off Filters and Effects

The most straightforward way to remove AI from your Snapchat content is to disable filters and effects. Follow these steps:

Open Snapchat:  Launch the Snapchat app on your device.

Access Settings: Tap on your profile icon in the top left corner of the screen to access your profile page. Then, tap the settings icon (a gear symbol) in the top right corner.

Manage Filters: Scroll down to the Who Can… section and select View My Story. Here, you can control who can view your story. To remove AI filters and effects, set Filters and Effects to My Friends. This setting will ensure that only your friends can view your stories with filters and effects applied. Others will see your content without any AI enhancements.

Disable Facial Filters

Disabling facial filters is a simple process on most social media apps and camera applications. To eliminate AI facial filters:

Open Snapchat:  Open Snapchat on your device.

Access Your Camera: Swipe left to access your camera.

Toggle Off Filters: In the camera interface, tap on the smiley face icon on the right side of the screen. This will open the filters menu. To disable all facial filters, tap the x icon at the bottom of the screen. This will remove any AI based filters from your photos.

Remove Augmented Reality (AR) Filters

Remove Augmented Reality (AR) Filters

Removing Augmented Reality (AR) filters is a simple process on most social media platforms and applications. These fun filters can transform your appearance or surroundings in photos and videos, but sometimes you might want to go back to your unfiltered look. If you want to get rid of AR filters:

Open Snapchat: Launch Snapchat on your device.

Access the Camera: Swipe left to access your camera.

Toggle Off AR Filters: In the camera interface, tap the magic wand icon on the right side of the screen to open the AR filters menu. To remove AR filters, tap the x icon at the bottom of the screen.

Disable Background Effects

Disabling background effects is a simple way to improve your device’s performance and save battery life. Background effects, such as moving wallpapers or animated graphics, can be visually appealing but often consume valuable resources. By turning them off in your device’s settings, you can enjoy a smoother and more efficient experience. To eliminate background effects from your snaps:

Open Snapchat: Open the Snapchat app.

Access Your Camera: Swipe left to access your camera.

Toggle Off Background Effects: In the camera interface, tap the icon that looks like three stars in a circle to open the background effects menu. To disable these effects, tap the x icon at the bottom of the screen.

Alternative Methods

While the methods mentioned above will help you remove AI enhancements from your Snapchat content, there are some alternative approaches to consider:

Edit Your Snaps After Capturing

You can capture your snaps with AI filters and effects and then edit them using Snapchat’s built in editing tools. After capturing a snap, tap the Edit Snap icon to access editing options. Here, you can remove or modify any filters or effects applied to the photo or video.

Use Snapchat’s Clean Feature

Snapchat has introduced a Clean feature that allows you to remove ai filters and effects from snaps you’ve already sent. First, open Snapchat on your device. Once you’re in the app, swipe right from the camera screen to access the Chat screen. In the Chat screen, find the snap with filters or effects you want to remove.

Long press on the snap, and this action will bring up additional options. From these options, select Clean to remove the filters and effects from the snap. This feature proves particularly useful for snaps that you’ve already sent to friends or added to your story. It allows you to fine tune your content even after it’s been shared.

How to delete my ai on snapchat friends list?

How to delete my ai on snapchat friends list?

Deleting AI friends on Snapchat is a simple process. First, open the Snapchat app on your device. Then, navigate to your friend list by tapping on your profile icon, which is typically located in the top left or top right corner of the screen. Once in your friend list, locate the AI friend you wish to remove, tap and hold their name, and select the Remove Friend option.

This will delete the AI from your friends list, ensuring a more personalized and streamlined Snapchat experience. Remember that this process can also be used for removing any friends, not just AI accounts, when you want to clean up your list.

Tips for Maintaining Control

  • Regularly Review Your Snapchat Settings: Periodically check your Snapchat settings to ensure they are configured to your preferences. This will help you maintain control over AI filters and effects.
  • Report Issues: If you encounter persistent issues with AI filters or unwanted effects, consider reporting the problem to Snapchat’s support team. They can assist or make necessary adjustments.
  • Stay Updated: Stay informed about new features and changes in Snapchat. This knowledge will help you adapt to any modifications in the app’s AI technology


What is Snapchat Plus, and why should I avoid it?

Snapchat Plus is a third party application that can result in your Snapchat account being banned, compromise your privacy, and pose security risks. It’s best to avoid it to protect your account and personal information.

Can I remove AI effects from photos and videos I’ve already taken?

Yes, you can remove AI effects from photos and videos you’ve already taken by using Snapchat’s editing tools or the Clean feature.

How do I turn off AI facial filters on Snapchat?

To turn off AI facial filters, open Snapchat, access your camera, and tap the smiley face icon. Then, tap the x icon at the bottom of the screen.

Is it possible to remove AI filters from snaps I’ve already sent to friends?

Yes, you can remove AI filters from snaps you’ve already sent by using Snapchat’s Clean feature. Long press the snap, and select Clean.


Learning how to delete AI on Snapchat without Snapchat Plus is essential for maintaining control over your content and ensuring that your snaps reflect your true style and personality. By following the methods and tips provided in this guide, you can remove unwanted AI filters, facial enhancements, AR filters, and background effects, all while avoiding the risks associated with third party apps.

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